safe windshield replacement


Looking to get your windshield replaced? By who?

 Well let’s call around and find the cheapest quote! Too often, car owners may put themselves in jeopardy by choosing the cheapest windshield repair option over a certified auto glass technician. Some of the seemingly most unimportant details are actually huge mistakes when it comes to installing a windshield. 

This is a huge problem, Why?

 Because the windshield provides structural strength to the cabin of the vehicle in case of a front end collision. The windshield was made and designed to keep you from ejecting from your vehicle. In a rollover accident the windshield was made and designed so the roof does not completely collapse on you. 

What does this mean?

 that your life actually depends on the person replacing your windshield.? To an extent, yes. At least while you are driving. God forbid anything happens but car accidents happen in the U.S 6 million a year, more than 90 people die from car accidents every day, 3 million are injured every year and 2 million experience permanent injuries.

What are you coming at?

 I believe and correct me if I am wrong. Your life Is more meaningful and filled with purpose and worth a lot more than $45-$95. That is probably the difference in price if you compare the cheapest quote you got vs. a Certified  Master Auto Glass technician.

What is the difference?

 your life, that is the difference. does that mean anything to you? when it comes down to safety and a proper windshield replacement, there is no “CHEAP” in my dictionary.

Where can I find a Registered shop?

 If you’re quoting around, at least make sure the shops you’re requesting a quote from are qualified to do so, doesn’t matter if they have been in business for 10 + years, if they aren’t registered through the Auto Glass Safety Council then where is the concern for your safety? I would stay away from those shops. At you will find what you are looking for when it comes down to safety and quality from a respectful source. 

safe windshield replacement in Oxnard and surrounding cities